About the courses

There are many factors in the spread of HAI, however a key issue is that although healthcare workers may know what they should do to avoid spreading infections, they don't always put it into practice. Taking personal responsibility is vital.

The 'MRSA - make a difference' awareness courses take only around an hour to complete and can be accessed wherever you are via the Internet. They are relevant to everyone working in a healthcare setting whatever their role.




The courses focus on promoting the right attitudes and behaviours towards HAI and in particular MRSA by reinforcing the need to apply Standard (Universal) Precautions, ensuring that local procedures and protocols are adhered to.

NB; The courses do not replace existing Infection Control training, which instruct on the processes and procedures of infection control, but complement them by building awareness of how everyone is involved and by motivating a commitment to take personal responsibility.tie.jpg

The courses not only challenge and inform  but are also enjoyable to do - infection control can be a dry if serious subject!


'Have they been well authenticated?'

The educational content of the courses was evaluated and approved by the Infection Control Nurses Association (ICNA) and Certified by the Royal Institute for Public Health (RIPH) when introduced in 2004.

Since then the content has been continuously reviewed by Infection Control professionals in many establishments.

Feedback is encouraged to ensure the courses remain effective as the evidence base and people’s attitudes change over time...

...any suggestions for improvement are welcome, please use the form on the Contact Us page