I have worked in the NHS for years. I am well-versed in infection control issues and under extreme work pressures - why should I spend valuable time on this course?

We do sympathise. It's true that there may be little technical content in the course that will come as a complete surprise to an experienced healthcare professional. The problem is that although most people do know what to do in theory, we don't always put it into consistent practice, do we? This course is not of the 'how to wash your hands' genre. Rather, it focuses on why compliance with universal precautions is so vital. We believe that the course offers an interesting and different perspective which might make you think about the difference you personally can make, whilst also reinforcing you in your current practice.

Can the course be customised for local needs and hosted from our own internal web server?
Yes, customisation is possible and you can also enter into a Licence Agreement which would enable you to run the courses from your own web server. These are however chargeable services - enquire for more details.

Will I get a Certificate when I complete the course?
No. The course is not intended to replace formal infection control qualifications, it complements these by building self-awareness and appreciation of why procedures and processes need to be followed diligently.

Can I do the course with colleagues, or just on my own?
You can do it both ways. We believe that the best way to benefit from the course will be by doing it alongside colleagues, perhaps within a group training session managed by a local Infection Control Nurse or officer. That way, any points raised by the materials can be openly discussed. Of course, if attending such a session is not an option for you, then the online self-study option will be an excellent alternative; remember to note down the points you wish to discuss with your line manager!

I have already attended an infection control course; how will this course fit with that?
What you learned will certainly help you on this course - but you should still do it! This is not primarily a 'how to clean your hands' course, focused on process and procedure - essential though those things are. This course is a 'why you should clean your hands' course, the human perspective, and it’s been designed to complement other IC training activities, not replace them.

Why does the course use characterisations and cartoons?
We appreciate that some may find this approach anomalous with the seriousness of the subject. It was not our intention to offend sensitivities here and if we have, we apologise for that. However, The Training Foundation firmly believes that, to be effective, learning must be enjoyable. We only do anything because we want to and the more we can make learning fun, the better our results will be. We are pleased to say that the great majority of feedback has been positive about the way that a serious subject has been packaged with an element of humour. One such comment is reproduced below:

"Fighting the spread of MRSA means that people must change their current behaviour. This delightful on-line course shows the learner how to make small changes that add up to a lot of impact. It’s also fun to do."

Dr Tim Smith
Quality Improvement and Intervention Manager,
Quality and Standards Directorate

Who are the courses suitable for?
The courses are suitable for everyone who comes into regular contact with patients/public in a hospital environment or a community setting. The hospital version is particularly applicable to clinicians but support staff will also benefit from the underlying principles. The Community version will benefit all involved in providing local services including Domiciliary Care workers, Care-home and Housing Association employees (even cleaners!) as well as GP and Dentistry practices.

Are the course quiz scores and the questionnaire results recorded and used?
No.  None of the responses you make on the course are recorded against your name - we don't even ask for your name! We want you to be frank in expressing your views as that is the best way to learn, so we make you the promise of complete anonymity.

Why did The Training Foundation develop these courses?
We have an affinity with the NHS and work with more than 100 Trusts to help develop their training quality. Our founder has a particular attachment because King's College NHS Trust saved his son's life from meningitis when he was a week old.

Our involvement in the MRSA issue was prompted by personal experience as you will see from the last page of the hospital course. A family member of a team member died from contracting MRSA while in hospital for a minor operation in 2003. We discovered that there was no national training programme then in place. As our guiding ethos is to 'make a difference' this was a gap that needed to be filled. Since then many training courses are available in this area but we believe these courses are still distinctive and add value. We hope you agree!

If you have any other questions,
call us at Foundation House, 024 7641 1288