MRSA RIPH Press Release

September 2004

On-Line course in MRSA infection control awarded certification by the Royal Institute of Public Health

The Royal Institute of Public Health (RIPH) has today announced the findings of their independent assessment of a new online course, 'MRSA – you can make a difference', formally launched by The Training Foundation earlier this month.

The RIPH administers an internationally recognised Certification Service for training packages that help to improve public health, safety and hygiene. This assessment process involves a systematic review of the subject matter and an in depth analysis of all the training design elements. Certificated training packages must meet their stated aims and objectives, must be easy to use and must meet good standards of training design.

Mrs Wendy Moore, General Manager of the Royal Institute of Public Health commented: "The ongoing fight against MRSA infection is now a top priority for both the government and healthcare professionals nationwide.

Given these circumstances I am pleased to be able to confirm that the RIPH has certificated 'MRSA – you can make a difference'".