What people are saying about the courses


Right from the launch of the courses in 2004 (kept updated since then), feedback has been uniformly positive...

Beth Winterburn – Wycombe PCT

“Thank you for letting me try the acute setting training. I found this helpful because the scenarios are the situations that we face while working.

I think it is a great course for all staff to do during the first weeks of starting as it encourages the importance of health and safety. Both courses are easy to access and straight forward to understand and go through.”

Wendy Bridgewater – Eastern Birmingham PCT

“I enjoyed the course, it was very useful and gave a lot of information in an easy to absorb format. Once I'd got started, it was easy to find my way round.”

Dr Audrey Boucher - Mid Hampshire Primary Care Trust

“I had done the online course at the North Hampshire Hospital, in my role as Clinical Assistant in Child Health. The hospital version is excellent, and I'm keen for our staff to access the community version here.”

Janet Farline ICN - Sunderland Teaching PCT

“Excellent course, thought provoking and staff enjoy this method and style of learning. Easy to deliver and well accessed by staff.”

Julie Pearce Associate Director/Lead Nurse Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority

“I personally enjoyed going through each of the programmes and am pleased to report that I can now be awarded a gold star!!”

Jacky Hunt IC for East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

MRSA - you can make a difference is really user friendly and integrates well with local policies and procedures. The course contains sound infection control information and I like the way it emphasises that each health care worker can really make a difference”

Jacqueline Clarke Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust

“I found the course very easy to follow and understand. What I liked about the course was the simple way in which it got the key facts across. Often people think that MRSA is very complicated, 'only happens in 'dirty' hospitals', 'bug which is nothing to do with me' or 'if I have to nurse a patient with it the doctor will tell me what to do'. This course very clearly shows, and I think will make people think, that MRSA is the responsibility of everyone and that we all have key roles in its prevention.

I felt that all grades of staff including domestic staff could and should complete the course. Maybe teams could complete the course together and draw up ward/unit action plans as result. It is certainly an excellent way of imparting the basic facts/understanding of the subject to many staff because of the length of time it takes to complete.

I would see it as a Modern Matron's responsibility to monitor the training and subsequent action plans."

Tony Fields, Chairman, MRSA Support

“Attitudes must surely be irrevocably changed by going through this course”

Dr Tim Smith, Quality Improvement and Intervention Manager, Quality and Standards Directorate

"Fighting the spread of MRSA means that people must change their current behaviour. This delightful online course shows the learner how to make small changes that add up to a lot of impact. It’s also fun to do."

 Karen Maher – Nursing Inservice Coordinator Lakeland Village USA

“I think that it is put together well, conveys key information, and is appropriate for aide level staff as well as nurses. The convenience of having the training online facilitates completion of staff who work in shifts. The content is very appropriate for staff here in the States. I enjoyed the graphics. They made the content more interesting.”