Tips for Infection Control Trainers

"Where do these courses fit in?"
The courses are designed as self-study, self-awareness tools - but can also be a learning resource for professionals involved in Infection Prevention and Control staff training activities. They do not replace existing infection control training packages but aim to complement them.

"How can I use this course?"

Self-study learners

Many healthcare workers access the course online, either from home or at work, in a self-study mode.

Co-ordinated by the ICN
Successful roll-out of the courses will be more likely to succeed if ICNs support the programme. One way in which they can do this is by introducing local policies and procedures into group sessions or sending out this material to self study learners as additional learning.

Planned group sessions?
Both courses are suitable for group training sessions either in sections or in their entirety, facilitated by the ICN, perhaps using the local educational facilities. You might set the scene by positioning the course at the outset, and the group would then do the course, perhaps raising discussion points along the way. Interactive sessions such as this can provide a valuable opportunity for the students to identify and discuss any local infection control issues.